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The Internet has one website which stands out as the online video sharing platform. Most people will immediately think of it when online video and de-platforming is mentioned. It is dominant to the point where one may think it is the only choice. There are, in reality, a whole lot of smaller online videosharing services, each with their own quirks, advantages and disadvantages. Here's a small list of the alternatives and their properties.

Please go right ahead and add any service you find worthy of mention.

url technology software focus limitations nagging pricing WebTorrent[1], CryptoCurrency Custom "emphasizes free speech, fairness and unrestricted monetization" Unclear Yes, has pop-up demanding sign-up and login Viewing is free.
Limited uploading is free, max 20 minutes per video
and 60 minutes/day
Paid membership required for higher limits.

BitChute( WebTorrent Custom Free speech Max 480p video resolution No Free, financed by donations

NodeTube free software platform meant to be self-hosted self-hosting Depends on instance No You can configure your own instance using the source from github. There is a live instance for testing at Free software
Instances can charge for additional storage, etc. WebTorrent PeerTube     No Free WebTorrent PeerTube Truth is hard pill to swallow. Truth hurts and is not always easy to find or to hear, but it does help you get out of your comfort zone to grow in life, makes you smarter and stronger as a whole. Can you handle it? Site is really slow. No Free

YouTube ( https Custom Traditional corporate controlled and censored TV channel content, focus on de-platforming truthers Max 4k60fps video Yes, does not work at all without agreeing to "terms" free[2]


  1. "At its core, BitTubers is a WebTorrent-powered content sharing platform"
  2. you pay by allowing them to collect as much data as possible about you and your loved ones


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