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The Apache Software Foundation
FoundedMarch 25, 1999; 22 years ago (1999-03-25)
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Ken Coar
  • Mark Cox
  • Lars Eilebrecht
  • Ralf S. Engelschall
  • Roy T. Fielding
  • Dean Gaudet
  • Ben Hyde
  • Jim Jagielski
  • Alexei Kosut
  • Martin Kraemer
  • Ben Laurie
  • Doug MacEachern
  • Aram Mirzadeh
  • Sameer Parekh
  • Cliff Skolnick
  • Marc Slemko
  • Bill Stoddard
  • Randy Terbush
  • Dirk-Willem van Gulik
Type501(c)(3) organization
FocusOpen-source software
  • Wakefield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
MethodApache License 2.0
Revenue (2017)
Increase 2,698,058[1]

The Apache Software Foundation is an American non-profit corporation making software products. They are most for the Apache web server. They also make video conferencing software, search engine software and a variety of other software.

The Apache Software Foundation is the publisher of the Apache software license. The organization uses it for the majority of their own software.

Board Of Directors

The current board of directors consists of:

  • Danny Angus
  • Rich Bowen
  • Shane Curcuru
  • Ted Dunning
  • Dave Fisher
  • Myrle Krantz
  • Daniel Ruggeri
  • Craig Russell
  • Roman Shaposhnik


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Apache Software Corporations website is at www.apache.org.