Unreal II - The 2nd Reality

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Future Crew's Unreal II - The 2nd Reality demo running in DOSBox Staging 0.76.

Unreal II - The 2nd Reality
Second reality logo.jpg
The 2nd Reality running in DOSBox
The 2nd Reality running in DOSBox
Original author(s)Farbrausch
Developer(s)Future Crew
Initial releaseJune 30, 1993; 28 years ago (1993-06-30)
Operating systemDOS
Size2.1 MiB
TypePC scene demo

Unreal II - The 2nd Reality is a classic DOS PC demo from 1993 created by the Finnish demo scene group The Future Crew. It won first place at the Assembly 1993 demo party. It was ground-breaking at the time. The graphics may not be all that impressive after nearly 30 years since its debut, yet it is quite cool to see what could be done with early IBM PC compatible hardware without any 3D graphics hardware and the soundtrack is really good. It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

Slashdot called it one of the "Top 10 Hacks of All Time" back when it was a still relevant website in 1999.

The Code

The Future Crew released the complete source code for the demo at Microsoft GitHub at https://github.com/mtuomi/SecondReality in celebration of the demos 20th anniversary in 2013.

The "Secret" Part

It is possible to skip to the various parts Unreal II - The 2nd Reality contains by adding a number between 2 and 5 as a single command-line argument. There is one additional part available which can be accessed by adding u as a command line parameter.

Running the demo

DOSBox can run Unreal II - The 2nd Reality with graphics and audio closely resembling what you would get on a typical PC from 1993.

Download 2nd real.zip and create and enter a folder and unzip it (it exacts the files to the folder you are in). Run dosbox UNREAL to start it.

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