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Tux is a mostly happy penguin which is frequently used as a mascot for the Linux kernel. He is a sophisticated characters with a sometimes exciting private life and a variety of hobbies. Tux enjoys kart racing, snow racing, coin collecting and many other interesting activities.



Tux enjoys kart racing and he has his own computer game called SuperTuxKart. He really doesn't like that Katie tends to beat him in his own game. He also enjoys racing down snowy mountain hills.


Tux used to play air-hockey. It appears he lost interest in that sport around 2007.

Private life

Tux's has a on-again off-again relationship with Penny. Penny's sometimes seen spending time with GNU at the beach. They are just friend, Tux has nothing to worry about.


Penny was once kidnapped when she and Tux were having lunch in Antarctica. Tux bravely rescued her after much hardship and many challenges.

Tux later created a game called SuperTux in order to let other people re-live his brave rescue of Penny in Antarctica.

Drawings and images

Fold and Glue a Paper Tux Doll

Download and print Fold a paper tux.pdf and follow the instructions. You will need glue.

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