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Katie is a KDE mascot and the best one at that. Her name sounds like KDE! She's supposedly a dragon but doesn't really look like one. She's kind of cute.

KDE Katie.png


Kate loves kart racing and she's good at it.


She's a very competitive driver and she can be ruthless. She has no problem taking other drivers out when she can.

Katie's character is available as a SuperTuxKart add-on.

Katie loves to win a good race.

Private life


Some think she's Konqi's boyfriend[1] but that's never going to happen. Katie's designated Konqi to the Friend-Zone and he'll never escape it - ever. Konqi believes there's hope and has no clue Katie's just stringing him along for the fun of it.

Katie is dating Beastie behind Konqi's back. She desperately wants Beastie to be her boyfriend. Beastie's is not that interested in Katie. He would rather be with Kiki but he doesn't mind fooling around with Katie when Kiki's not available.



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