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Tork was a KDE 3.x graphical controller program for Tor built using the KDE 3 libraries and Qt toolkit version 3. It allowed you to configure, start, stop and view the status of Tor and it's open connections. It also had a bandwidth monitor feature. Tork was never ported form KDE 3/Qt3 to KDE 4. Versions for KDE 3.5 were maintained until 2010 and then the project died.

Tork-0.10-main view.jpg
Developer(s)Robert Hogan
Operating systemKDE 3.x, QT3
TypeTor-GUI / Anonymity

Tork was very much like Vidalia except for the network map. It's configuration window looked like this:


Tork's main window looked like this:

Tork-0.10-main view.jpg


Sourceforge is still hosting it's homepage at


Discontinued (outdated) Tor GUIs: