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qimgv is a simple image and video viewer for Linux and Windows with many keyboard shortcuts. It was writtne using the Qt libraries. It is fine for browsing images in a single folder but it is not at all usable for browsing a large image collection with groups of images sorted by folder. It has many keyboard shortcuts available and some simple editing functionality and a dark time which is applied regardless of what system theme you use. It is nothing special and it is not a very efficient image viewer.

Features And Usability

qimgv launches with a fine black square unless you give it a file or a folder as an argument (qimgv . in a terminal makes it open the current folder). Opening a file or a folder can be done by pressing ↵ Enter key switches into the folder browser view where you can press a button in the upper left corner to open files. Opening a file can also be done by pressing ctrl+o. There is no way to open a folder you would like to browse, you have to open a file and press ↵ Enter to switch to folder view.

qimgv 0.8.8 showing the files in a folder.

qimgv does not have any fast and easy way to switch between folders. It has many keyboard shortcuts available but there are none for moving up to the parent folder. The folder view will show the pictures present in a folder but it will not show sub-directories. The only way to open other folders is to use ctrl+o to open an image in another folder using the file picker. This makes it very inefficient and cumbersome to use if you want to browse a large image collection where the images are sorted into sub-folders. Most of the image viewers for Linux gets this wrong and qimgv is no exception. geeqie is one of the few who gets it right with its quick and easy to view folder on the right side of the images it shows.

qimgv has many keyboard shortcuts available and very few buttons. The keyboard shortcuts are listed in the README.md on GitHub. Right-clicking on an image brings up a menu which can be used to do simple editing. qimgv can rotate, resize and flip images vertically and horizontally and that's it in terms of editing functionality.

Verdict And Conclusion

qpicv is, like so many other simple image viewers, fine if you have very few images stored in just one directory. Switching between directories is possible but you have to use the file picker every time you want to switch from one directory to another. That is just tiresome.

Other iamges viewers like geeqie, which makes folder navigation easy by having a folder tree next to the images being shown, is preferable to using qimgv.


qimgv is developed at GitHub in easymodo/qimgv. Most distributions have a package for it named qimgv in their repositories.

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