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Original author(s)Leigh Johnston
Developer(s)i42 Software (i42 Ltd) /i42output/neogfx.git
Written inC++20
Operating systemMulti-platform. Windows, Linux and eventually macOS, iOS and Android (planned)
TypeGame Engine
LicenseDual license, GNU GPL and commercial /wiki/index.php/Main_Page

NeoGFX is a dual-licensed C++ game engine, GUI toolkit and development platform. It supports developing games using OpenGL on the Windows platform. Support for OpenGL and Vulkan on the Linux platform is planned and scheduled for Q4 2021. NeoGFX has been in development since June 20th, 2015.

NeoGFX is still in the alpha development phase. It is currently not a viable alternative to game engines like Godot.


NeoGFX aims to be as fast as C++ code can be. A low memory footprint is also a goal. The NeoGFX engine and library does not rely on macro-based code generation.

Game and application skinning is done using CSS3 style sheets.

NeoGFX will eventually be multi-platform. It is currently only being built and tested on Microsoft Windows. Linux and macOS support is planned and scheduled for Q4 2021.


NeoGFX is developed under a dual license system (GNU GPL v3 and commercial license).

"My target market is not the free software gaming community.

neoGFX will be dual licensed: GPLv3 for free software peeps and a commercial licence for people who actually want to make money from selling their software."

NeoGFX developer Leigh Johnston in a very brief interview
September 3rd, 2020


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