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KriptDoc is a simple perl-based KDE GUI for AntiWord[1] which makes it slightly simpler to convert a Microsoft Word document to a text-file. It can also extract the metadata.

In bullet summary, we know..

  • It's just a GUI for AntiWord. Thus; it only does what AntiWord does: It converts .doc files to .txt files.
  • It's a quite pointless piece of software if you prefer command shells over this inefficient and highly overrated GUI bloat which is - for unknown reasons - quite popular.
  • It's much likely something you want if you reciently migrated to GNU/Linux from Windows and your mind is so well-conditioned and so well compartementalized by the TV-propaganda spewed out in all NATO countries that you are unable to contemplate any information which is not repeated time and time again on television.
  • KriptDoc is, as of version 0.1.0, a bit limited compared to the many command-line options available to AntiWord. AntiWord can, as described in the fine manual page[2], convert Word files to PostScript files - who include the images. This feature is not available when using the KriptDoc GUI.




Installation instructions are available on the KriptDoc homepage[3]. The homepage seems to be only available in some strange foregin language. It is usefull regardless since the install steps are well highlighted and work just fine without understanding the text around them.