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Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (华为) is a China-based multinational hardware manufacturer making phones and laptops as well as a range telecommunications network equipment. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Linux support


Huawei laptops have limited Linux kernel support. A feature-complete WMI driver for the extra function keys found on their laptops is in the process of being merged into the mainline kernel.

Huawei has developed a efficient read only filesystem called EROFS which designed with embedded and mobile systems in mind. EROFS is in the mainline kernels "staging" area. It is in the process of being merged into the regular kernel tree.

Huawei's OS lab team is very forth-coming and helpful when it comes to questions regarding their free software efforts. They immediately clam up and refuse to answer any question which is not specific to pieces of open source code.

"... I cannot leak some words on this ... It is a secret..."

Huawei OS lab team source on July 22th, 2019

Operating systems

Huawei has it's own operating system called Harmony OS which runs on mobile phones and IOT devices. A PC version will be available in 2020.



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