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Harmony, also known as HongMeng OS, is a microkernel based operating system for mobile phones developed by Huawei. It has a very clean and user-friendly user-interface and it's performance is superior to similar operating systems such as Android[1]. The first devices with Harmony will be released in October, 2019.

Harmony will initially be launched on IOT devices. Huawei's mobile phone offerings will remain Android for some time[2]

The name "Harmony" was chosen because "HongMeng OS" has low appeal to English-speaking customers.[3] due to concerns over westerners ability to say "HongMeng".

Advantages over Android

HongMeng OS has a very modern user-interface with most of the features found in the EMUI Android skin found on most of Huawei's mobile phones. It's design is clean and simple and it has been widely praised by Chinese Internet users[4].

Harmony will be able to run migrated Android applications[5]. Porting Android applications to Harmony is "easy". It will not have Google Spy Services or the Google Play Store. Harmony will have a feature-rich search function with no 白左 censorship or bias.

Device availability

Harmony is designed to run on a wide range of devices. It will run on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, IOT devices and mobile phones. The PC version will not be ready until 2020.


Our source in the Huawei OS lab team had this to say about Harmony / HongMeng OS's performance on July 22th, 2019:

"... I cannot leak some words on this ... It is a secret..."

Huawei OS lab team source

Open Source

Huawei has promised to make Harmony "open source". Huawei has not specified which "open source" license they will use and it is not clear if it will be free software or just "open source".


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