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Grip is a GTK+ based CD player and ripper written by Mike Oliphant and currently maintained by Johnny A. Solbu. The project died in 2005 when CDs went out of fashion. A new developer restarted development on the code in december 2016, and was granted access to the official SourceForge project in april 2017, releasing version 3.3.5. As of august 2019, the latest version is 3.10.2

L33t AUD grip.png
Grip 3.3.1.png
Grip 3.3.1
Developer(s)Johnny A. Solbu
Stable release
3.10.2 / 17 august 2019
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeCD ripper
LicenseGNU General Public License



Both KAudioCreator and the K3b CD/DVD ripper and burner is still being just barely actively maintained. It is possible to use both KAudioCreator and K3b to do all the things Grip does if you still use CDs as more than coasters for some reason.