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GNU Assembly is an organization setup by people who don't seem to like the GNU Project very much in order to provide a power-structure that can be used to control and dissipline anyone who's gullible enough to participate in the tyrannical regime under that power structure.

Set Setup

Andy Wingo, from the GNU Guile project, posted a message on the gnu-prog-discuss mailing list on November 12th, 2010, where he outlined a desire for a power-structure under his control.

"In brief, I would like to propose an experiment: the creation of a new forum for collective decision-making in the GNU project. This "GNU Assembly" (or whatever we call it) will discuss topics relevant to the GNU project, with the goal of producing technical recommendations through a process of consensus-building"

[gnu-prog-discuss ] An experimental GNU Assembly
By Andy Wingo on November 12th, 2010

Andy Wingo, Andreas Enge, Carlos O'Donell, Ludovic Courtès and Mark Wielaard made themselves dictators of the GNU Assembly "Code-of-conduct complaint review committee" in January 2020.

This group used the GNOME Foundation's failed attempt at slandering and attacking Richard Stallman in April 2021 to "announce" the GNU Assembly.

"Hi there! We’re excited to kick off the GNU Assembly and its web site! This place intends to be a collaboration platform for the developers of GNU packages who are all “hacking for user freedom” and who share a vision for the umbrella project."

Kicking off the GNU Assembly on
Published April 16th, 2021. Author(s) were not disclosed.

It's pretty normal to start by drafting documents of intent, hold elections and that sort of thing if you start a new organization. This was not the case with the GNU Assembly, it was setup by five power-hungry wanna-be dictators in January 2020. Anyone who jointed when they tried to popularize it in April 2021 were not joining some new democratic organization, they were merely subjecting themselves to a handful of power-hungry bullies.

We recommend that anyone who values fairness and freedom stay as far away from the GNU Assembly as possible.

Corporate Ties

GNU Assembly founder Andy Wingo works for the The Spanish consulting corporation Igalia.


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