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You may want to have IPv6 connectivity now in order to give all your devices a globally reachable IP but your ISP does not offer it. So what do you do? Create a IPv6 tunnel from one of the free tunnel brokers.

How to choose

This page used to have a long list of free IPv6 tunnelbrokers and as such it needed to provide some advice. As of May 2019 there's no choice unless you happen to be in the Ukraine in which case you should go with the local option there. Those are the two choices left. All the other tunnel brokers we used to list are now in the "Discontinued" section.

Ideally you want to ping the tunnel brokers IPv6 tunnel point and find out how long it takes for a package to get back and forth; this delay will be added to every IPv6 packet - so you want it as small as possible. The closest tunnel broker (less ping to their POP) is generally the best choice.

Check your ISP before creating a tunnel

Many Internet Service Providers who do not hand out IPv6 to customers by default are offering '6rd (Internet Rapid Deployment) services which are not very obviously stated on their page, bill or anywhere else. 6rd basically works the same as a tunnel except that it would be to your ISP. The address and prefix to use is typically buried somewhere in their "Support" section. As an example, customers of Swedish Tele2 can find information about 6rd at Note that you can't use their configuration unless you are a customer of that specific ISP.

IPv4 to IPv6 Tunnel Brokers

International tunnel brokers

Hurricane Electric at is the only choice.

  • HE gives you a /64 and you can have a /48 too if you need it.
  • Stable, fast, numerous points of presence around the world.
  • New Hurricane Electric tunnels are now IRC blocked until or unless you pass their IPv6 exam. This seems to be a way to herd people into taking their exam. The exam should be very easy for people who know what IRC is, so this should not be an issue (I aced it at my first attempt).
  • You will be asked to choose one of their many points of presence. Choosing the one closes to your location makes a difference. Just ping the IPs they list and see which has the lowest response-time.


NetAssist Tunnel Broker at is a good option for people in the Ukraine.

  • Gives out /48 prefixes
  • Connected to UA-IX Ukrainian Internet Exchange
  • Connected to MSK-IX Russian Internet Exchange


It's gone. Or closed. Regardless, you can't have it:

  • Australia:
  • Estonia: is closed
  • Germany: and and are closed
  • Italy: closed.
  • Malaysia: closed
  • Netherlands: closed.
  • Norway: Doesn't resolve anymore
  • Portugal: Looks closed. There's a page in Portuguese. It probably says closed.
  • uS: SixXS, closed for new registrations
  • US: closed
  • Singapore: closed
  • Switzerland, closed
  • Thailand, closed

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