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Amoeba 01.jpg
A screenshot of the Amoeba Excess demo from 2002.
PurposeScene demo group
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Excess is a Norwegian PC scene demo group notable for making GNU/Linux releases of their PC scene demos such as Amoeba and Aurora as well as the MIT-licensed "Even Laster" PC demo engine using the Vulkan API.

The "Even Laster Engine"

Excess member Erik "kusma" Faye-Lund has published a complete PC scene demo engine using the Vulkan API at https://github.com/excess-demogroup/even-laster-engine. It may be worth a look if you want to learn how to code PC scene demos and/or how to make graphics using the Vulkan API.

The source code repository is available at https://github.com/excess-demogroup/even-laster-engine.

The Aurora demo, released by Excess at the Revision 2018 demo party, is made using the "Even Laster Engine".

See Also

Amoeba and Aurora are examples of demos released by Excess.


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