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Dissenter is a "Free Speech" web browser made by Gab Ai. It appears to be a fork of an old Brave version which itself was forked off an old Chromium version. It is available for Windows, macOS and there are .deb and .rpm versions for Linux. The Linux version is not very useful since it doesn't even run or produce a web browser window.

Basic Overview

Dissenter is a web browser advertised as a "free speech" platform. It claims to, "block Big Tech ads and trackers by default," and allows users to "comment on any URL." (Dissenter | Free Speech Web Browser, n.d.) Dissenter was built by Gab.com, a free speech software company that powers the free speech social network Gab. (Dissenter | Free Speech Web Browser, n.d.)

Dissenter installs and works on Mac OS without noticeable issues. The browser offers most of the same functions and extensions like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Dissenter | Free Speech Web Browser. (n.d.). Retrieved January 11, 2021, from https://dissenter.com

Verdict and conclusion

Dissenter is a very capable web browser that offers diversity to Internet users.

Under the hood

A sneak-peak at /usr/bin/dissenter-browser reveals that it is an older bash start-up script for Chromium. The actual browser executable installs to /opt/gab/dissenter

A brief look at the files the .deb package installs reveals a disturbing /etc/cron.daily/dissenter-browser job infecting the system. Oddly, it will try to remove dissenter from apt's sources list and exit 0 and that's it. It's an odd file.

/opt/gab/dissenter/resources has two folders called brave_extensions and brave_rewards which clearly indicate that Dissenter is indeed based on the Brave browser.


Dissenters homepage is at https://dissenter.com/ and there are download options on that page in case you really enjoy seeing FATAL:zygote_host_impl_linux.cc messages in your terminal for some reason.


Anonymous user #1

one month ago
Score 0++
`No usable sandbox!` gives us a clue as to why it doesn't install. Because it requires Snap package support. I'm curious as to why this site didn't figure this out. Maybe you just don't like the browser, so you stopped when you got the error?

Anonymous user #2

one month ago
Score 0++
The Dessenter Web "Note's Maker Plug-in's" became soo popular that FireFox, Facebook and Google finally Banned It from use.! . Pro's - you have an account to which only your "reference is names" and you can leave any comment you wish about any subject 24/7 .. plus ( + ) anyone else who is using GAP.AI post-it note feature will Now Instantly see Your Input on the subject .. and That brings up the . . Con's - The web page Server of the Article DOES NOT KNOW that Your Notes have been attached to IT. .. ever get a Windows Update that you never asked for; ever try to stop that update from updating? . one in the same processes here. .. Fair Use Act & Open Souce at the same time, what is their not to like. Thx to the Brave Browser Team for actually Thinking Things Through.
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