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Bitfinex is one of the older and bigger crypto currency exchanges. It has suffered a number of hacks as well as law enforcement action since it was founded yet it has somehow survived. Bitfinex has margin trading, a social network where users can post trading tips and other information, paper trading for new traders and a very long list of currency pairs.


Bitfinex has their own Twitter-style social network called "Pulse" available at

Homebrew Currencies

Bitfinex lists a special token called LEO. This token was created when law enforcement seized the assets of a Panama-based payment processor called Crypto Capital who, in early 2019 when the seizure happened, held around 850 million USD belonging to Bitfinex customers. 1,000,000,000 LEO tokens, "worth" $1 USD per token, was created to magically cover this rather large sudden hole in the exchanges books. A LEO token is essentially a IOU for $1.


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