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Arctic Alphine M1-Passive is a passive CPU cooler from Arctic for the rather limited AMD AM1 platform.

"Absolute silence" - as advertised

Gigabyte-AM1M-S2H 20200118 040802.jpg
Gigabyte motherboard with a Arctic Alphine M1 CPU cooler.

The cooler is one very big (77x70mm) heat-sink with no fan. It makes no noise.


AMD Athlon(tm) 5350 APU encoding video with ffmpeg using all four cores will after about one hour give a

CPU-temperature of +42.0°C with the fan running at 3835 RPM when using the stock cooler and a

CPU-temperature of +40.1°C with the passive Arctic Alphine M1.

You room temperature may vary.

It is impressive to note that this particular test was done with NO CASE FANS except the in the PSU in the Arctic cooler box and 2 fans in the box with the stock cooler.

The cooler won't lower your CPU temperature more than the stock cooler will do but it is impressive that it performs more of less just like it without any fan. The Arctic Alphine M1 is clearly a good buy, specially considering that I paid like $12 or something for two of these.

Official propaganda

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