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AmphetaDesk is a long outdated RSS newsfeed HTML-generator and a simple web-server. Development stalled back in 2002.

Latest releasev0.93.1 / October 31, 2002
OSLinux, Mac OS 8/Mac OS 9/Mac OS X, and Windows
TypeRSS feed reader
LicenseArtistic License

How it worked[edit | edit source]

Amphetadesk runs as a daemon and it's generated RSS feed summaries are available at a local webserver running on The idea is kind of neat, but it does give you yet another daemon running, where as stand-alone RSS readers such as Liferea don't use resources when you're not using them.

AmphetaDesk gives you a huge selection of RSS streams to choose from. You can search for RSS feeds, but you can't search the actual content of RSS streams

Possible other users[edit | edit source]

AmphetaDesk is made in perl and it's "open source" under the "Artistic License". It uses templates, and the source is clean enough to use as a basis for something like yet another web-based RSS-reader service.

As a stand-alone RSS reader[edit | edit source]

Amphetadesk is kind of neat, specially when you consider that it - apparently - has not been developed since 2002. Regardless, it does lack some features, such as the ability to search RSS streams. It really does have some signifficant lacks compared to stand-alone RSS reader applications. The idea is kind of .. cool, and unique, and the code is likely of interest and value to perl-programmers, but Amphetadesk isn't something you'd put on your old mothers computer to give her easy access to the latest headlines.

Official story[edit | edit source]

  • AmphetaDesk - The homepage, which hasn't been updated in decades, is still alive and kicking.