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Liferea is a RSS feed reader made with the GTK+ toolkit. It is easy to use and does the job it should do. It is the second best desktop feed reader for GNU/Linux desktops. Liferea is short for Linux Feed Reader.

Features and overview


Liferea has all the basic features you'd expect from a feed reader. You can organize feeds in folders and sub-folders and easily drag feeds between them. You can search in all your subscribed feed by pressing ctrl-f (or by going to the menu).

Liferea has the concept of dynamic search-folders. You can set one or more rules and articles with something matching a rule will be added to that folder. You can search using the same kind of rules using the regular searchbox by pressing the Advanced button.

Liferea supports plugins. It comes with some and you can download more. These can be used for things like alerts if a feed matches a search-pattern.

Overall Liferea is a great RSS reader. QuiteRSS is more configurable and better in some ways.

One downside to Liferea you may not like is it's light-gray background in the content-area where it displays the actually content from the RSS-feeds. There is no way of changing that background-color.

Feed Format Support

Liferea supports all the feed formats commonly used on the Internet. If a site offers a feed then it's going to be accepted and understood by Liferea.


Liferea has been around a very long time. Here's a screenshot from 2007:


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