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Akregator a RSS feed reader based on the Qt/KDE libraries. It can be integrated with KDE's PIM application Kontact. It's user-friendly and strait forward to use.

Features and overview


RSS feeds can easily be added and feeds can be sorted in folders (categories). Feeds from one category can be shown as a list of entries as if they were one feed.

It's possible to search the headlines the titles all the entries in all the feeds it knows about.

There is no "overview" feature with a list of all or most of the RSS feeds available on the Internet, so you'll have to add feeds as you see them on websites (most sites do have some kind of RSS feed these days).

Why we can't recommend Akregator even though it is, in theory, a great newsreader

The Akregator experience on Ubuntu. What did they mean by this?

Akregator is, for some reason, really crash-prone. So much so that we simply can't recommend it.

How good your Akregator experience would be does somewhat depend on the distribution you are using. It's basically unusable on Ubuntu. It's better on Fedora but it's not stable there either.

It really is a shame because it's in principle a really good piece of software. That does not really matter when it crashes all the time.

See our RSS feed reader comparison for better alternatives such as QuiteRSS and Liferea.

Some history

Akregator has been around for a very long time. It was quite popular when Qt3 and KDE 3.5 was hot new software.

Here's a screenshot of Akregator taken in 2007:

Akregator - tabbed browser.png

It was better and a lot more stable then than now if memory serves.

Official story