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AsusTek Computer Inc (華碩電腦股份有限公司), usually just called ASUS, is a huge multinational electronics and technology company headquartered in the Beitou District in the Taipei city in Chinese Taipei. It was founded in April 1989.

Linux Support

@asus e-mail addresses are rare on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Their products are mostly supported by the Linux kernel but it's rarely, if ever, thanks to ASUS. Most of the ASUS-related drivers like asus-laptop.c, asus-wireless.c and asus-wmi.c are written by entirely different people.

ASUS is not as bad as Nvidia when it comes to Linux support but they are close.


ASUS is like an ACME (A-Company-Making-Everything) of electronics. They make laptop computers, desktop computers, smartphones, network switches and routes, computer monitors and projectors. Their computer-parts span the whole range, they have motherboards, graphics cards, coffee-cup holders (meant to be used with CD/DVD/BD discs), network cards and a lot more.

ASUS is a "original equipment manufacturer" (OEM).


ASUS motherboards are generally good. Their BIOS is great, it is easy to use and strait-forward and all the options in them tend to work as expected.

Computer Monitors

Product Description TL;DR
ASUS PB27U 4K IPS monitor Really good. Somewhat expensive.
ASUS VP28U 4K TN "Gaming" monitor Absolutely awful. Washed-out colours, overall garbage. Cheap.

ASUS WebStorage

ASUS WebStorage is a cloud storage service offered by ASUS. The Linux client they offer is a broken Mono .exe file from 2014. The transfer speeds, specially the downloads speeds, are horribly slow.


ASUS representative promoting their "Republic of Gamers (ROG)" brand.

ASUS has been heavily promoting a brand called "Republic of Gamers (ROG)" since 2006.

GNU/Linux users should be aware that ROG-branded hardware, specially motherboards, functions exactly like other regular non-ROG-branded hardware. The only major difference between ROG-branded hardware and other hardware is that ROG-branded hardware will have a lot of RGB lights while server-grade products and non-ROG products won't.


AsusTek Computer Inc has it's primary listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the ticker number 2357. It is also listed at the London Stock Exchange in Europe under the ticker ASKD.

AsusTeks revenue was reported to be 354.2 billion New Taiwan Dollars in 2018.


ASUS's website is at Their website will foolishly redirect you to local sites based on GeoIP - not browser language preferences. English-speaking users will prefer to use the URLs or (there is no valid URL, they appear to be using country-codes not language-codes).

The URL is where you can search for BIOS updates, firmware updates and things like that.

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