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Youtubedownloader is a python KDE kommander GUI for the shell script youtube-dl (which downloads video file from Google's Youtube video service).

You you want it[edit | edit source]

If you want to download videos of teens hired by multinational corporations to pretend to be "average" teens and talk about nothing while promoting their products then the shell script youtube-dl is for you. If you prefer a nice graphical userinterface to opening a terminal where you write


then Youtubedownloader is for you. The GUI can also ask mencoder to convert the videofile after it's downloaded.

First, The Script[edit | edit source]

KDE Kommander scripts are just simple scripts, not "typical" source code, the tarball only contains a .kmdr file and a .svg icon (and a copy of youtube-dl). You must install by copying the files (after the script is made usable as of 0.2.3).

It is essential to note that Youtubedownloader version 0.2.3 contains this:

        dcop @dcopid KommanderIf insertItem StatusBar1  "Parsing url" 0
        result=`/usr/share/youtubedownloader/youtube-dl -g2 $URL`
        number=`echo $result | awk '{print (NF-1)}'`

This code may seems plausible at first blush. However, a close-up inspection reveals that close to nobody has their youtube-dl (which is requird) installed in the path "/usr/share/youtubedownloader/". Thus; official v0.2.3 is broken and you have to change line 445 to:

        result=`youtube-dl -g2 $URL`

No menu[edit | edit source]

There is no ".desktop" file in the v0.2.3 source code and you therefore have to start this thing manually with

kmdr-executor youtube.kmdr

or create a menu item for it yourself.

Look[edit | edit source]


Alright[edit | edit source]

Youtubedownloader is a nice product which is probably handy to have installed, and it does seem very girl-friendly with it's easy to use dialog box. You only need this if you don't like using the shell, though. Writing youtube-dl url probably takes way less time than finding some GUI in some menu.

Website[edit | edit source]