Wifi Version Numbering

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The WIFI industry decided that using actual proper names for WIFI standards is "too complicated" for the vast majority 0f people in 2018 and re-branded all the standard named everyone knows to simple numbers. As an exmaple, Wireless 802.11n is with the simple numbering system just "Wifi 4".

Actual Wifi-standard names and simplified names

802.11b Wifi 1 1999
802.11a Wifi 2 1999
802.11g Wifi 3 2003
802.11n Wifi 4 2009
802.11ac Wifi 5 2014
802.11ax Wifi 6 2019

Using the "simple" numbers may seem foolish from a technical perspective. However, those are what modern mobile devices indicate which means that most people will simply see a number on their display and judge the network connection based on how high it is. Knowing what the simplified numbers actually mean is therefore a good idea.