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Original author(s)Uuu
Operating systemLinux, Windows
Typesupport office scanner otherwise unsupported
As of2021

VueScan is an app for Linux et cetera that supports scanners by 65 manufacturers such as "Brother" fully automagically and does not rely on drivers, set-up or complicated configuration. Autodetects everything and just will scan papers and work.

Some App stores carry it as trialware, else it costs a whoppingly expensive 80 € doubling the price of a budget scanner. So this will never scale!

No hassle setting up drivers:

"download, launch and scan right away. no set-up, no nothing. just works."

member "brother MFC"
April 26th, 2021

This App addresses the problem of poor or non-existing driver support by many if not most scanner manufacturers themselves. Now we need this open-sourced!

VueScan is crippleware in that it does not create a /dev/scanner/ or such for other flatpaks like OCRfeeder and watermarks all pictures, thereby making them useless.

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