Uranus Flowers

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Uranus Flowers
The Loop PC demo
The Loop PC demo
Original author(s)The Bad Sectors
Initial release2014; 6 years ago (2014)
Operating systemLinux, Windows
Size14M (zip)
TypePC scene demo

Uranus Flowers is a PC scene demo created by the The Bad Sectors demo-group. It won fourth place in the Tokyo Demo Fest 2014 in the combined demo/intro competition. The demo is notable for being light-weight enough to run on a Raspberry Pi and a Raspberry Pi version as well as Linux and Windows versions are included in the release archive.

Uranus Flowers is one of many scene demos release by The Bad Sectors with a native Linux version.

Uranus Flowers by TBS 02.jpg

The demo has pretty decent graphics and an acceptable, but not great and somewhat repetitive, sound-track.

The Demo

Uranus Flowers running at 1080p.



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