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Tickr is a RSS feed scroller, not really a feed reader, which displays a scolling line of headlines on your desktop. It's the same concept as you likely have seen on TV news shows if you have a television. It can be useful for showing on-topic headlines while livestreaming and those kinds of applications.


Available versions[edit | edit source]

Tickr is not in any distributions repositories so you will have to build it yourself. There is currently the "stable" v0.6.4 and a "beta" release from 2017. v0.6.4 can't https and will just crash if you try to use a https feed. The beta supports https.

Installing the beta version is strait forward:

wget https://www.open-tickr.net/unstable-debian/tickr-0.7.0~beta3.tar.gz
tar xfz tickr-0.7.0~beta3.tar.gz
cd tickr-0.7.0~beta3
make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install

It will install to /usr even if you specify another location with ./configure --prefix=.

Run it with tickr once it's installed. It can show the headlines from a single feed or numerous feeds. You can configure the font and font-size, background and foreground colors and the vertical location (top/bottom).