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Tickr is a RSS feed scroller, not really a feed reader, which displays a scolling line of headlines on your desktop. It's the same concept as you likely have seen on TV news shows if you have a television. It can be useful for showing on-topic headlines while livestreaming and those kinds of applications.


Available versions

Tickr is not in any distributions repositories so you will have to build it yourself. There is currently the "stable" v0.6.4 and a "beta" release from 2017. v0.6.4 can't https and will just crash if you try to use a https feed. The beta supports https.

Installing the beta version is strait forward:

wget https://www.open-tickr.net/unstable-debian/tickr-0.7.0~beta3.tar.gz
tar xfz tickr-0.7.0~beta3.tar.gz
cd tickr-0.7.0~beta3
make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install

It will install to /usr even if you specify another location with ./configure --prefix=.

Run it with tickr once it's installed. It can show the headlines from a single feed or numerous feeds. You can configure the font and font-size, background and foreground colors and the vertical location (top/bottom).