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I would like to add three details to the KPat description: First, all the games are started with a deal number, more than 2 billion in all. This allows the same deal of the game to be replayed without having saved it. And you can discuss a particular deal of the game by just referring to the deal number.

Second, the KPat version of the Spider game is a "Relaxed" version, that is, it allows for dealing a new row when there is an empty space in the tableau (a blank column). This makes the game easier to play. In the last 1000 deals of 2-suit Spider I have won all of them or the Solver declared it "winnable."

Third, there is a Solver that will find a solution to the easier deals. It will play out these "winnable" deals at a slow enough pace so it can be observed. At any point it can be stopped and backed up so the method of solution is obvious. On the harder deals one can proceed one move at a time and wait for the Solver to analyze the situation. At some point it may declare the game "winnable". Then it can complete the game and show how it is won. The Solver can also provide guidance by declaring "this game is no longer winnable." Then I back up one move and try a different move.