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TORCS is an old racing car game with acceptable graphics for a game originally developed in 1997. The controls and gameplay isn't ideal and it's not very fun at all. The name TORCS stands for "The Open Racing Car Simulator" and it's website describes it as an "AI racing game and as research platform". Perhaps the developers simply didn't focus on making it a fun game for human entertainment.

Graphics and gameplay


The games graphics isn't great but it's not really bad either. It's fine. The gameplay on the other hand just isn't fine. The car will spin around and do all kinds of strange things the moment you touch the side of the road. The car barely turns unless you slow down a whole lot and control of the racecar is overall bad. This makes the game frustrating and no fun at all. The gameplay is such that it only takes a few minutes to conclude that he game's just not worth playing.

There was a TORCS competition in 2010 and it consisted of writing the best AI to compete against other AI in a race car simulation. Perhaps "The Open Racing Car Simulator" can be a lot of fun if you are into writing artificial intelligence racing bots and need an environment to test their skills. We do not know, are not AI race-car scientist.

Verdict and Conclusion

It's just not very fun. At all. While this may just be our subjective opinion, it's absolutely no doubt our minds that most people will find SuperTuxKart to be a whole lot more fun.

TORCS is free and it is available in the repositories of all distributions. You can try it but do be prepared to be somewhat disappointed when you try it's gameplay.


The TORCS website is at