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With systemctl you operate systemd. To understand systemd, you need to be familiar with this terminology:

Unit file — Encodes information about things such as a­ service, socket, device, mount, automount, target, snapshot, etc.

Target — A unit configuration file whose name ends in ­“.target” encodes information about a target unit of ­systemd, which is used for grouping units and as well-known synchronization point during startup.

Slice — A concept for hierarchically managing resources of a group of processes.

Seat — The set of hardware available at one work place (graphics card, keyboard, mouse, usb devices).

Session — A session is created once a user is logged on,­using a specific seat:

– Only one session can be active per seat.

– The default seat (for Linux consoles) is seat0. Hardware is assigned to seats, such as a VGA graphics card