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Sweden is a country in northern Europe. It's not really notable for anything. Some areas in Sweden are relatively safe and some areas, like Malmö, Stockholm suburb Rinkeby and parts of Örebro, are no-go zones.

"No-Go Zones"

Most Swedish "news outlets" like to pretend that there are no "no-go" zones in Sweden. If there are or aren't depend on how you define a No-Go Zone. The one used by Sweden's ambulance union is appropriate in the context of Sweden. Their simple definition is that a no-go zone is an area their members are not allowed to venture into without a police escort.

If you are a woman in one of the no-go zones in the wrong side of Örebro and you get stabbed and raped and you call an ambulance then the ambulance will roll out, drive towards the area and stop and wait for a police escort outside of the no-go zone. The ambulance will just sit there for hours if the police happens to be to busy to show up and you will probably die as a result. This is exactly what happened to a woman who got stabbed and raped in a no-go zone in Örebro in 2017.

The Swedish PostNord has a slightly different definition of what a No-Go Zone is. Their definitions is "areas where delivering mail is too dangerous". You simply won't get any physical mail delivered if you happen to live in one of the areas they have defined as a No-Go Zone.

There are, on the other hand, no No-Go Zones in Sweden if you define a No-Go Zone as an area with 10 shootings per minute.

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