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SubscribeStar is a pro free speech crowdfunding membership platform. It is described by Luke Rudkowski of the independent media organization WeAreChange as "The free speech version of Patreon".


Their service fee is "only" 5%[1]. There are also fees for international bank transfers if someone actually gives you any money on SubscribeStar and you would like to withdraw that many. Not all countries are supported and you have to contact them to make arrangements. Their FAQ[1] says this about that as of December 2019:

"However, this doesn't mean that we can transfer monies to all countries existing in the world. Please, contact us via to verify if we can send payouts to your country."

Subscribestar FAQ, December 2019

Their FAQ does not clarify if you can send actual money or not.

SubscribeStar allows creators to setup special pages on their site with features that are only available to subscribers. The nature of this model means that payments from SubscribeStar are subject to VAT within the Fascist Union[2]. SubscribeStar mentions this in their FAQ with the reassuring statement No need to worry about it, we handle and pay VAT.


SubscribeStar does not indicate who is behind their service on their website. The English phrases and wording on their website indicate that it's either run by Russians or Chinese or a combination of those.


The French service Liberapay is somewhat similar to SubscribeStar in nature. They have support for EUR withdraws using SEPA which means that it may be a better alternative for European content creators with mostly European backers.


SubscribeStar's website is at


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  2. Yes, that is a pretty accurate name for the European Union

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