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If you already have ssh access (get it for free on eggshells, actually configuring a working proxy is as simple as this:

create a tunnel to your shell-server via:

       ssh -D 3128   -q -N  

Configure the proxy-toggle firefox Add-On: SOCKS5 host: localhost with Port 3128

Now press the icon of the proxy-toggle extension to toggle between

  • "direct browsing without any Proxy" and
  • xshellz

It does not get any easier than this to hide your IP and then switch back to fast-browse-mode (if your shell is kinda slow, or your xshell was terminated due to non-fair use), exposing your true IP address.

Here, firefox acts as the the proxy-client to xshellz. The chicken tells you which mode you are in at any time, showing the true IP or the proxy IP.

free shell access

Besides xshellz, also offers free shells via webIRC or IRC .

see also

  • Tor-tunnel with tor proxy
  • proxy switch more versatile than the above proxy toggle.
  • This works even in windows8.1 with "putty.exe" replacing "xterm" to run ssh in. Set up "ssh tunnels" from putty's menu like shown above, and you're good to go. xshellz works password-less in windows using putty.exe , pageant.exe and puttygen.exe providing a ssh-pubkey.