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Slimjet logo.png
Aw, Snap! is all we got out of Slimjet
Aw, Snap! is all we got out of Slimjet
EngineChromium / Blink
PlatformWindows, Linux, macOS
Size70 MiB (tar.xz)
240 MiB installed
TypeWeb browser

Slimjet is a non-free Chromium-based freeware web browser with a built-in ad-blocker and many extra-sauce features like a YouTube video downloader, "hi-speed" download manager, "photo enhancement" and several other things that don't normally come with a web browser. The GNU/Linux version says "Aw, Snap!" and that's it, that's all it does.

We can only assume that the developers of this proprietary software web browser are primarily concerned those using the Windows and macOS versions of this web browser. There are GNU/Linux versions available in the form of 32 and 64-bit .deb packages for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint and general 32 and 64-bit .tar.xz packages.

Such "Aw, Snap" Message, Wow

We tested version of the 64-bit tar.xz Linux package. It launched into what looks like a web browser with a main window where content would go saying "Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage".

It makes no difference if you try to actually go to a web-page or a browser-internal pages like chrome://version or chrome://gpu (something that usually works in Chromium-based web browsers).

Slimjet oh snap.jpg
Such Aw, Snap! message. Wow.

It seems obvious that the developers did not intend for Slimjet to be a simple program with no actual functionality beyond displaying a very fine "Aw, Snap!" message. But that's what it is.

Verdict And Conclusion

It is very hard to say anything concrete about this web browser beyond what we can tell by looking at what works: There's a series of pre-defined bookmarks which are all affiliate links (which is likely how they make money). We can't test any of the additional functionality such as the built-in ad-blocker that's advertised on Slimjet's web page since the browser doesn't work so we can't draw any conclusions there. What we can say is that testing the GNU/Linux version of this browser is a complete waste of time as of version That may or may not change in the future..


The Slimjet website is at


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