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A plain rxvt displaying the rxvt man page.
A plain rxvt displaying the rxvt unix manual page.
Developer(s)rxvt project
Stable release
2.7.10 / 2003-03-25
Preview release
TypeTerminal emulator

The rxvt terminal emulator was intended to be a slimmer and therefore more sexy replacement for xterm. It was written by Rob Nationaccording to a smaller-is-better philosophy. The technology was later extensivly modified by Marl Olsen, who maintained it for some years. It has not been updated since 2003 and is, as such, outdated. Some distributions still include it in it's repositories and you can use it but it's not advisable.

Derived programs

Many programs have been derived from the rxvt code-base. All of them have since been discontinued.

  • aterm (from rxvt 2.4.8)
  • Eterm (from rxvt 2.21)
  • mrxvt (from rxvt 2.7.11)
  • rxvt-unicode (from rxvt 2.7.11)


X Terminal emulators: xterm | konsole
Discontinued: aterm | rxvt | mrxvt