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Quantum by Outracks vs Nazareth Creations running in Wine, with DXVK 1.8.1, at 1080p.


Quantum by Outracks vs Nazareth Creations is a Windows PC demo released at The Gathering demo party in April 2009. It won 2nd place in the PC demo competition. It is a really good and entertaining demo with a great sound-track and some quite interesting graphical effects.

It uses the DirectX 9 graphics API to render the fancy and somewhat impressive graphics.

Wine Compatibility

The Quantum scene demo runs fine in Wine 6.x if you use either of the optional Gallium Nine or DXVK add-ons for rendering graphics using the DirectX9 API. The Wine built-in wined3d DX9 to OpenGL translation will fail to show any graphics beyond the loading screen and print out a series of console messages informing you that:

0024:fixme:d3d9:Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9 Returning stub validator 67C9E028.

The simple solution is to not use the Wine built-in wined3d DX9 translation layer if you want to run this scene demo. Use Gallium Nine or DXVK and the Quantum demo will run and look as it should.


The demo loader has a "Save Soundtrack" button that will save the sound-track as a .ogg file. There is no need to download it separately.


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