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Porthole is a graphical interface for Gentoo's portage package management system originally written for the Vidalinux Desktop OS Gentoo-fork which was abandoned in 2010. Porthole development had a hiatus but it is sort-of maintained at https://github.com/fcolecumberri/porthole with minor bugs. Even so it's still functional and quite useful.

Usefulness and limitations

Porthole allow you to search for software and install it with your default make.conf and USE and unmask settings. There is no way to automatically unmask and install a masked package. If there is a conflict due to USE flags or something else then you're on your own, Porthole will not help you or handle it.

Porthole is essentially limited to searching for packages and installing them by running emerge with default options.


Porthole requires you to be able to run commands as root with sudo.