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Developer(s)Juliusz Chroboczek
Stable release
1.1.1 / January 2014
Operating systemGNU/Linux / Windows
LicenseMIT/X Consortium License

Polipo is a no longer maintained efficient http web caching proxy designed to make web browsing feel faster by reducing latency as much as possible.

Why you wanted Polipo but no longer do

Polipo really did make websites load faster. It did reduce your network load. It was great as indicated by the "history" of this page; we praised it in 2006.

The Internet has to a large degree moved from http to https. Caching proxies like Polio work very well on http connections but they simply can't work with https. Developer Juliusz Chroboczek stopped maintaining Polipo in 2014 as increasing portions of the Internet moved to https.

Sexy features

  • Polipo will use HTTP/1.1 pipelining to fetch pages regardless of the browser having support for it (Which most modern browsers do).
  • Polipo will upgrade HTTP/1.0 client requests to HTTP/1.1.
  • Polipo caches the first part of downloads if the download is interrupted, and can use this to later fetch the rest of the file using Range requests.
  • Polipo supports IPv6.
  • Polipo supports "Poor Man's Multiplexing", a technique which can reduce latency.
  • Polipo supports basic filtering, but not advanced filtering like Privoxy. The upside is that Polipo works with http headers, which makes it fast. Privoxy, on the other hand, works with entire web pages, which makes it much slower.
  • Tor-users can use Polipo since it has SOCKS support.
  • Polipo also supports upstream HTTP proxies, so it can be used with Privoxy as a upstream proxy.

The setup

Polipo packages are still available for most distributions.

Take a look at the example configuration file config.sample and have a look at http://localhost:8123/ once Polipo is installed to fine-tune it.

Official story

Light personal proxy software: Polipo | Privoxy