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Nvu (pronounced "N-view") is a WYSIWYG HTML editor, based on the Composer component of Mozilla Application Suite and Gecko 1.7, which lacks even the most basic functions you would expect of any modern Linux program.

File management

The first thing you would want to do if you are not starting from scratch is to open the file you want to edit. Sadly, Nvu has no support for opening files using fish:// and the very poor ftp:// support is broken.

Thus; you're limited to editing local files only, which pretty much means that you have to manually upload files every single time you make a minor change - or - you have to run it on the webserver...

In bullet summary

In bullet summary,

  • Nvu har a nice-looking user interface and a few functions beyond nano, and
  • It lacks the most basic file-management functions which pretty much makes it a pile-of-dong regardless of other "features".