NoRouter: instant multi-cluster & multi-cloud container networking

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Setting up multi-cluster and multi-cloud container networking for dev environments has been too harder than it needs to be. NoRouter is a novel instant networking stack to overcome this difficulty, by transferring IP packets over stdio streams (aka "shell connections"). Akihiro Suda gave a 15 minute video presentation about it at Fosdem 2021. It covers how it works and why it is pretty neat.

Original story by Akihiro Suda (at Fosdem 2021). Published 2021-03-29, Originally published 2021-02-07.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium license.

Video Copyright Akihiro Suda / Fosdem 2021. License: Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium

"NoRouter works with any container, any VM, and any baremetal machine, on anywhere, as long as the shell connection is available from your laptop, e.g. kubectl exec, docker exec, or ssh.

NoRouter heavily focuses on dev UX and does not need any setup other than deploying a single binary and writing a short YAML manifest. And yet it works even without the root privilege.

More info:"

Slides: Fosdem norouter amendment1.pdf

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