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Nix is an advanced package manager for Linux systems with advanced features like side-by-side installation of different versions of a package, reproducible builds, multi-user package management and atomic upgrades and rollbacks.


Nix is in many ways similar to the Guix package manager used by the GNU Guix distribution.

Nix OS

There is an operating system based on the Linux kernel which uses the Nix package manager for package management.


There is a very long point-by-point document outlying Nix's advantages as "pills" available at


Nix's website is at


Anonymous user #1

20 months ago
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Nix in a very simplified way is a universal package manager that interprets a description written in the nix programming language into a setup of packages. This is taken into another level when using NixOS where you can describe all of your operating system in one file in the nix language and just let Nix package manager to build the entire system from scratch. It can install multiple versions of one package simulataniously meaning it has the ability to ignore any form of problems concerning dependencies and it can rollback everything at will. This allows for a system that is almost impossible to break as all it takes to get back your system is that one configuration file. Nix also allows you to write your own packages allowing for a system similar to the AUR. Nix is source based technically but if there is a precompiled version of a package (which there always is unless it's a package you wrote yourself) it will opt by default to downloading the binary, but this behaviour is ofcourse changeable.

Nix allows only free software by default but this option can be changed in the configuration and it does have proprietary packages in it's repos.

Anonymous user #1

20 months ago
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Nix also allows for systems that are portable as in one user can just give another his configuration file and it will replicate the system exactly as it is on a different machines, allowing new and unexperienced users to just use other folk's setups with one copy and paste. It is however recommended to write your configuration yourself in the nix langage as it is quite an easy language and it will give you a better understanding of your system

Anonymous user #2

17 months ago
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0.01% of the users will do that.
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