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Nano Adblocker is a web browser advertisement filter based on Ublock Origin. It is basically Ublock Origin with a few patches on top and one additional Nano-specific filter list with around 300 entries. Nano Adblocker releases trail the Ublock Origin releases and the Nano Adblocker offers shockingly little extra compared to the original it is based on. It works fine but there is no reason to use it over the original it is based on.

Features And Usability

The Nano Adblocker works just like the Ublock Origin browser extension it is based on. It filters web pages and adds a small icon to the browsers toolbar where it can be controlled and configured. Nano Adblocker has some very minor tweaks to the configuration dialog - but they are minor. There is virtually no difference between it and Ublock Origin in terms of configuration options.

The filter lists Nano Adblocker comes pre-configured with are also mostly identical to those of Ublock Origin. Nano Adblocker has its own filter list (NanoFiltersSource/NanoBase.txt). It is not very big but it does have some potentially useful entries.

Verdict And Conclusion

Nano Adblocker is, like the excellent Ublock Origin filter it is based on, a great advertisement, tracker and garbage filter for web browsers. That would also be true if the author(s) of Nano Adblocker had done nothing beyond renaming and rebranding Ublock Origin. They have done slightly more than that but not much. There really is nothing interesting which differentiates the two. The "special" Nano Adblocker filter list doesn't have more than around 300 entries and you can add that filter list to Ublock Origin anyway.

Nano Adblocker is a fine web filter but there is just no reason to choose it over the original Ublock Origin extension it is based on.


The Nano Adblocker is developed on GitHub at NanoAdblocker/NanoCore.

There are no released on the GitHub page.

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