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mpstat is a very handy terminal utility for of showing per-processor or per-core system statistics such as user process load, system load, I/O statistics, IRQ activity and other useful information.

mpstat is a part of the sysstat utility suite. Your distribution will have it as a part of a package called sysstat, it will not be named mpstat.

Typical Use

mpstat -P ALL 1 will print per-CPU-thread statistics once every second.

mpstat is typically invoked with a time interval as an argument. For example,

mpstat 1

will show system statistics once every second. Those using NUMA systems can add -N ALL before the time interval to get per-node statistics. Adding -P ALL on any machine will list detailed per-CPU-core statistics:

mpstat -P ALL 1

will show you what each and every CPU core is doing each second.

See also

Similar tools: vmstat, iostat
manual page: mpstat.1

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