Marek Olšák

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Marek Olšák
Kernel code written by Marek Olšák
OccupationSoftware developer
EmployerAMD Open Source Lab
Known forContributions to Mesa and the Linux kernel

Marek Olšák is a software developer employed by the AMD Open Source laboratory notable for his many contributions to the kernels graphics stack and the Mesa OpenGL (RadeonSI) and Vulkan (RADV) graphics drivers for AMD graphics cards.

Marek Olšák is the biggest Mesa contributor by commits in history. He was responsible for about 10% of all Mesa commits submitted between 2018 and 2020.

Notable Quotes

"Can you post? no; while the stuff I mentioned is not interesting to non-developers, I don't wanna generate more nonsense rumors"

In response to our simple question "Can I post that on a small site nobody reads?"
in a secret AMD graphics developer hangout, September 2020

We can not elaborate on the "stuff" he mentioned prior to us asking this question due to the "no".

"I have written a simple NIR pass that looks at conditions in ifs and if they only contain uniforms, those uniforms are marked for inlining at draw time"

on new technologies in Mesa 20.2
in a secret developers hangout, September 28th, 2020