Mahou Shoujo ni naritai

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Mahou Shoujo ni naritai at 1024x512 (the default window size on GNU/Linux)

Mahou Shoujo ni naritai
A screenshot from the Mahou Shoujo ni naritai demo.
A screenshot from the Mahou Shoujo ni naritai demo.
Original author(s)Second World Demoscene Group (The Japanese)
Initial releaseNovember 20, 2020; 13 months ago (2020-11-20)
Operating systemLinux, Windows
Size8.7 MiB (zip), 21 MiB (extracted)
TypePC scene demo
LicenseFreeware (no source) shoujo ni naritai

Mahou Shoujo ni naritai is a very Japanese demo scene demo by the Second World Demoscene Group that's more like what you would expect from a into to an older open-world game or in-game cut scenes in a game than a traditional PC scene demo. It won 2nd place in the "Modern Demo" competition at the Demosplash 2020 party. Mahou Shoujo ni naritai is available for Linux on x86 and x86-64, and Windows.

The GNU/Linux version defaults to a 1024x512 window (a 2:1 aspect ratio), which is a bit of an odd choice.

The Second World Demoscene Group has not released any source code or Linux binaries for non-x86 platforms.

Keyboard Shortcuts

f Fullscreen
i Show FPS on-screen
h Low-quality rendering


デモの名前は: 魔法少女になりたい
プラつフォルム: Linux. 早くした、Windowsバソンも作った、ルルのために。
ぶたい:Second World

このデモをスタトを欲しいければ、1GHz x86よりもっと早いパソコンなければしてない。
良い動けるを見せたいければ、2GHz x86よりもっと早いパソコンをひつじょ、4CPU玉といっしょうに。

このデモがSoftware Renderingを使う。

モナコイン: MRfwwnDE1e9RgyTRwKVf4mJSruJSBFJ2a6
BTC/BCH: 1DnzYVPAsgaogbFWUkjD4GtuEkHp2GmufW

Key info:
i: fps info
f: fullscreen
h: low-quality rendering
esc: quit



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