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These are the lucky numbers in 10-base number systems:

2 Good things come in pairs.
3 3 is pronounced similar to "birth" in Chinese. It is fortunate to be born; thus 3 is a somewhat lucky number.
8 8 sounds similar to "fa" (it is pronounced "ba"). "fa" means wealth, prosperity and fortune. 8 is therefore the luckiest number in business-settings. Production servers and so forth are best served with something like sshd serving from port 8888.
9 9 means "eternity" or "long lasting". It can be used to wish a marrying couple best wishes. It can also be used to number a GNU/Linux server or a router with high uptime requirements.
13 13 is a very controversial number since foreign devils consider it to be unlucky. Civilized people (Chinese) consider it to be a lucky number because it's pronounced similar to the Chinese word for "clearly alive".

Numbers To Avoid

4 Four is, in Chinese, pronounced simliar to "si" which means Death. It is very unfortunate to be born on the 4th. Many elevators in taller builds in Asia will show 1,2,3,5,6,7 - and but not 4, the "4th" floor will be labelled 5 even though it is technically the 4th floor.