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The text on can generally, unless otherwise noted, be used under any or all of these licenses:

Choose carefully and wisely.

Educational institutions are permitted to use any content from LinuxReviews freely without submitting to any of the above licenses.


A small portion of the pages are mirrors of other pages or based on work only licensed under a specific license such as the GNU GPL. Articles, images and other content clearly marked with one specific license are only available under that license.


The images used on this site are mostly released into the public domain. Those images are marked with the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Public domain images created after mid-2020 are marked as "Public Domain" in the Exif metadata.

Some of the images on this site are subject to more restrictive licenses. Images taken from Pixabay are, as an example, only available under the Template:Pixabay-license.