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Linksys LGS308 is a "smart" gigabit networking switch with a administration GUI where basic network settings can be configured. It supports channel bonding, VLANs and all the usual features managed switches have.


The LGS308's administration information is nothing special but it does cover all the bases. Everything you could want from a 8-port smart switch is there.

It's got everything you'd expect from a 8-port network switch. It supports VLANs, STP, Mac address management, multicast, bonding ("link aggregation") and everything else you may want from a 8-port switch. Bonding works fine with standard Linux bond0 devices; configuring it is trivial if you have any two gigabit-capable network cards in a machine.

The Linksys LGS308

All 8 ports are standard gigabit copper ports, there is no SPF+ ports or 10-gigabit ports.


It's fine. There's never been an issue after more than a year of constant use with 2 bonds of 2 ports each.

This switch is a good choice if you need a 8-port smart switch and the price is right. This particular switch has been priced all over the place; it's a fine switch but it isn't worth paying 2x the price of any other 8-port smart switch.


The LGS308 defaults to admin as both username and password.

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