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Lichess is an online, libre chess game. The website supports ranked games, anonymous play, puzzles, localization to Korean, high customizability, and much more.

Lichess is playable at, and also on mobile.

Features and usability

Online play is competitive and free at any level

Lichess supports everything needed for average users. A subset of its features include:

  • Tutorials section
  • Online, ranked multiplayer
  • Engine analysis
  • Chess Puzzles bundles no ads, making it an ideal multiplayer solution for low bandwidth areas.

Advanced Features

Lichess offers an extended variety of solutions for advanced players:

  • Performance analytics
  • Cheat (engine) detection
  • Automated Tournaments
  • Chess variants (Blindfold chess, King of the Hill)

A full list of features is available on their features page.

Libre Status

Lichess has no ads, no trackers, and contains links to all of its source code on its website. Source code is a mixture of GPL, AGPL and MIT licenses, allowing full modification and redistribution as seen fit. Bundling no additional proprietary code, Lichess is considered fully FLOSS software.

Verdict takes the spot as number 1, for Linux systems and beyond. The freedom, accessibility, and care is unmatched by any other existing solution today. It is fully feature complete, comes with a slick UI, and brings the best of Chess to everyone who can read this page.

Chess games ordered by recommendation:
Lichess | Knights | Pychess



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Simply the best resource for chess enthusiasts, and it's free in all terms!
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