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LBRY is both a video hosting website and a blockchain for indexing content on the Internet. It's developed by a corporation who runs the LBRY video hosting website. They themselves describe it as a protocol.

LBRY the "publication" platform

The introduction to the LBRY specification states that:

" LBRY uses a public blockchain to provide a single shared index of published content, as well as content discovery and payment."

That's nice. However, the very next sentence is:

"Clients can use LBRY to publish, host, find, download, and pay for content — books, movies, music, or anything else that can be represented as a stream of bits. The protocol is permissionless and censorship-resistant, which means that participation is open to everyone and no one can unilaterally block or remove content."

Without having found or read any actual whitepaper we can definitively point out one obvious problems with their story: There is a significant difference between hosting a video and linking to a video.

Existing protocols like https:// are actually very resilient. We can totally link to and refuse to remove that link when pressured. We are, of course, just linking to very-controversial-video.mkv and we do not control That site could remove the file or shut down and our precious link would be rendered useless.

LBRY the CryptoCurrency

LBRY appears to have their own crypto-currency called LBC. It's total supply will grow to 616,317,686 LBC and it's current circulating supply stands at 247,551,239 LBC. Just how much of this is pre-mined is unclear. It is clear that it's a lot. These pre-mined coins are supposedly for "community projects and development".[1]

LBRY the video hosting platform

LBRY has a video platform at


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